Creating content ideas on a regular basis helps you to follow Google search trends and thus keep you updated with the latest trends that are coming up to get a higher Google ranking.  Although it’s not an easy task as it requires lots of ideas and planning. 

There are certain factors like rising traffic, higher click-through rates (CTR), updated content on the website, and longer session durations that Google considered to rank your website higher on the search engine results pages. Social media content or social media marketing matters the most due to this reason as if your website has great blog content ideas and it is not following any marketing trends or if you are not fulfilling your visitor’s expectation then there is no meaning to the existence of your website. 

A great website with great content attracts audiences to stay on your website and even if your customers are satisfied with your website then they are more likely to recommend visiting your website at least once. However, obviously, new blog content ideas take time to get involved in the latest trends but only if it is unique and offers some meaning to the people.

Google search trends are accurate and it usually doesn’t show the overall amount of traffic in actual numbers while some of the paid SEO tools provide you with numbers for keyword search volume. But generally, those numbers are estimated from Data providers. 

On the other hand, even paid SEO tools also provide estimates of Keyword traffic but the data that is presented by Google Trends is totally based on the actual search query volumes. 

Although, it doesn’t mean that Google Trends is far better than the paid keyword tools, when both these terms are used together then an accurate idea of a Keyword search volume can be obtained.

 Here are some of the most effective ways to generate content ideas using the Google search trends. Like infographics to social media posts, podcasts and videos to blogs, etc.

Provide Greater Value To Your Audience

Every piece of content that you publish must provide greater value to your target audiences and for that, you must follow certain aspects like first research about your audience and create a persona for them, you also need to ensure that you understand your audience’s needs appropriately, and showing them the solution of their problems quickly by your effective content ideas.

By adding value to your audience’s perspective and solving their issue we assist you to build customer trust and build brand reputation at the same time. Despite this, it is also crucial to ensure that the piece of content ideas that you are creating must be:

  • Relevant and to the point
  • It must be well research and informative
  • Useful and customizable
  • Target to the specific segment of the audience who are more likely to be interested in that.
  • Obviously better than your customer’s post.

Optimize Existing Content

As we all know that Content comes in many different forms and to create great content it needs proper strategy, planning, and proper research as well. However, it is also important to keep optimizing the existing content ideas on your website. Like the email campaign can be turned into marketing videos or articles, the articles that are already doing well can be converted into eBooks or in a presentation form. 

Optimizing the existing content by updating and refreshing them is a great strategy to keep updated your content marketing strategy. You can also choose the articles that are consistently ranking well on Google or you can find the articles that usually rank on pages 2-5 of google search results.

Consequently, you can publish the older blog content ideas in a new format so as to make them in the most suitable formats for your target audiences.

Tell Your Personal Story

Experts always recommend writing articles about your personal story as people relate it fast as compared to other articles. You can add potential topics that usually reflect on your mistakes, doubts, realizations, experiences, and successes. This will help you to develop trust among your customers and grow great credibility.  Consequently, adding your personal story also encourages your customers or clients to connect with you.

Let Your Customer Know About Your Business Struggles

Apart from your personal story, you can also highlight some of the problems or issues faced by your business in the past. Publishing articles on your real-life factors  assist other fellow business owners who are in the same position as you.  

Additionally, it is a very great topic to expand on as you can let your audience know the reason behind starting your business and scenes from the beginning that have changed till now and in future how you are looking to extend your business and many more like that.

Furthermore, creating content ideas for your site that generally solves the problems and help others can be a Win-Win situation for your business in a way to gain customer trust and good traffic on your website. Basically, whatever you are adding to your websites, ensure that it is valuable, unique, and engaging for your customers.

Keywords by Category

Google search Trends narrow down the keywords search category wise so as to give more accurate results. Here categorizing all these keywords is a crucial part because it refined them to the current context.

By narrowing the keyword research as in the category, assist to find the more accurate information related to the particular topic that you are writing on.

Grasp Keyword Data by Geography

Well, google trends keyword information as per the geographical location assists to determine the areas that are the best to reach out to your potential customers and to promote your website to that specific region.

For example, if a certain sort of product is popular in a particular region, then it is better to show that product to that specific region. This will help to make a valuable link building, content promotion, content creation, and pay-per-click.

Above all, the Google search Trends reports gives you lots of content ideas that you can perform with your keyword Research and use it on your website efficiently. The search trends also assist you to create a content plan that speaks directly with your users requirements.