Having an e-commerce website is an excellent way to build your business but do you know how to rank it well organically on the search engine results pages? 

Well, SEO activities have tremendously increased the quality of organic traffic to the websites. An SEO for eCommerce websites can help your brand to stand among the competitors and above the trustworthy companies. A higher ranking of an E-Commerce website assists your business to increase your brand visibility online and thus Improve the User experience.

So let’s first understand thoroughly what SEO is and how it can be beneficial for your e-commerce website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an excellent art of optimizing your website around the globe to rank higher on the search result pages. 

Why is SEO Important?

No doubt, SEO plays a very crucial role in building your website’s presence. It allows you to put all important aspects that help your business to gain customer’s trust along with the excellent ranking and visibility on the search results.

Let’s understand below the importance of SEO for E-Commerce business

Better Visibility and Rankings

When searching for any product or services online we are more likely to go with the suggestion which is on the top of the search engines, isn’t it?  

SEO activities for e-commerce businesses help to rank higher in the search result and thus allows you to gain more online visibility and make your potential customer click over your site and complete the transaction on it.

Increase Traffic

It is obvious if your customers can’t find your business or websites and the opportunities that you are providing then they will miss it right?  Therefore, the SEO activities for an E-Commerce website allow you to increase the organic search engine traffic which eventually turns into increasing the huge number of visitors on your page every day, which further turns into an increase in sales and generating excellent revenue.

User Experience

A well-optimized website with all the SEO techniques communicates well such as what you are offering and what the customers are being offered from you. This eventually results in enhancing the User experience on the search engines. 

On the contrary, if the users find the struggle to navigate your site then there are more chances of losing potential customers as they will move towards competitor’s websites.


Along with increasing online visibility, the second most important benefit that you will get with SEO activities is the trust of potential customers. Better SEO activities for eCommerce websites will assist you to rank higher on search engines. Therefore, having a strong position of keywords for your product and services solidify the trust in the user’s mind.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a key to grow your business worldwide. A proper technique of SEO for an eCommerce website helps to gain more users and generate more revenue, even the customers are more likely to share about your business across social media platforms if they found your website and your offering relevant.

Essential Strategies for doing SEO of E-commerce websites

Enhanced Search Results and Improved CTR

Have you ever thought about why some results on search engines have more information than any other website? You must have also seen star ratings or reviews in the search results. 

Well, all these SEO activities for eCommerce websites enhance search results and this usually happens when you have structured data on your website. A structured data on your website allows Google to show all the ratings and reviews right in the search results.

Boost SEO With Engaging Product Descriptions

Creating a unique and engaging product description is one of the most basic e-commerce strategies that help to strengthen your brand among your potential customers. Creating relevant content on your website is a very crucial SEO activity for an eCommerce website.

In addition, you can also do that by reviewing the site of your competitor’s website and making an idea of how you can create a good quality description or content on your website.

Faster page loading and Reducing Page Loading Times

Isn’t it very annoying? if a website takes too much time to load and you have to wait for it.  

Increasing site speed and decreasing page load time is an important part of the Google algorithm. Having a fast and optimized website eventually improves the ranking and users’ experience abundantly.

The main focus of executing all SEO activities for eCommerce websites is to improve the User experience. However, the site loading part is the thing that can enhance or diminish the user experience. Therefore, taking a step towards increasing the website loading time is an outstanding strategy to keep your customers engaging on your website. 

Ensure that the images are properly Compressed

While creating content for your website make sure that the images that you are using are properly compressed on the web. Along with that also focuses on the lookout for CMS as it may be forcing a large version of product images while the compressed version would suffice.

Further, large images which are not optimized make your website performance slow. Therefore, optimizing your websites with web-friendly images is very beneficial for your website’s health as well as for SEO rankings.

Target Long-Tail Keyword

Long-tail keywords assist to attract high traffic to your website. More than 65% of search queries are completed using long-tail keywords. People use natural phrases which they used to speak with their friends. It has been prevalent with people that they are using voice search more often. 

Therefore, using long-tail keywords make your content appear fast on the search result pages and improves the buyer’s journey. For example- if you are selling clothing, You should write articles about the best summer clothing, top 10 best winter clothing, etc. This will make your keyword much more specific and help customers to know what you are offering and how they should pick you.

Mobile Optimization is Must

Optimizing SEO for eCommerce websites especially for mobile devices is very crucial because users are more likely to search about any product or service on mobile devices as compared to desktop. So, it is very important to have a responsive mobile-friendly website as it helps your E-commerce website to do well.

In addition, Google also considered these things on the top as it improves your website ranking high on the search results pages and thus attracts more users.

Using a Simple URL Structure

A proper URL structure is essential for both, SEO as well as for the user as it helps users to navigate and use your site easily. When you start creating your website you should consider how your URL address looks and what you want to include in that. In this way, you can also rank better in search results.

Further, A simple SEO structure improves the user experience. For example, if you have a simple URL it will be easier for you to share the link of products and services on social media platforms or any other website as it can provide more relevant data for search engines.

A simple URL includes three important factors:

  • The URL domain must consist of important elements.
  • The store’s domain.
  • A unique character string.
  • The category of particular product Falls into.
  • The name of the product itself.
  • Relevant characters and separators.
  • Appropriate length.

With the straightforward structure, your visitors are more likely to find you and easily orient themselves in your website. A well-optimized URL easily addresses online stores that can help you to gain more trust and encourage a potential customer to click on the links that you put on your website.

Better Navigation

Focusing on creating better navigation especially on mobile devices is a very important aspect that you must keep in mind while establishing SEO for an eCommerce website because if users are finding it difficult to navigate your website from one page to another then they are more likely to switch to the competitor’s website and this will result in decreasing revenue and poor user experience. 

Furthermore, Google also pays attention to it and if they find that your website doesn’t have easy-to-navigate and users bounce back to the search engine and find a better website, then they will eventually decrease your ranking on the search result pages. Therefore, better usability and proper navigation play a very huge role here.

Optimize Your Images

Pictures are an excellent way to communicate and get user attention. Relevant pictures about your product or services communicate well with the users. So, adding an optimized image to your website helps to generate a huge crowd. In addition, one more thing that you must keep in mind is that the quality of the image must be good at its best. So that it can easily convey your message to your customers.

Here are some of the points that you must consider while optimizing your images:

  • Choosing relevant images for your website.
  • Specifies image sizes and quality.
  • Providing relevant alt text.
  • Using the right keywords.

Encourage Customer Reviews & Engagement

Well, incentivizing the Customer reviews helps to improve your website’s performance and make a new strategy. Setting structured data to display an excellent number of reviews is one of the great SEO activities for an E-commerce website.

Moreover, customers are more likely to buy a product and service only when it has great reviews. In addition, if your offering page has only two 2-3 reviews then it might not fit well. Therefore, having a bunch of reviews on your website and keeping prioritizing your customers as much as possible is very beneficial for engaging customers.

Add on images, Videos, & infographics

To engage more customers it is very crucial to write unique and engaging product descriptions by uploading images and videos to them. Sometimes a video takes a lot of time to load so in the meantime you can ensure that all the important elements on the page must load fast so that the users don’t have to wait and still they can view the page.

Furthermore, the human brain processes visual information faster than any written content. Therefore, the infographics must be there in your content strategy as it also helps you to attract backlinks massively.

Manage Out of Stock Products

Running successful, high-inventory e-commerce or drop shipping enterprise must look out for all the important aspects that an eCommerce business must have. Although, it has been seen that most e-commerce businesses do mistake that as deleting or disabling out-of-stock products, which is not right.

Moreover, never delete a product or a category from your website, which is out of stock. There are several strategies that you can go for but simply deleting the old pages is not relevant. There are many other options that you can consider in that circumstance such as:

  • Simply, add a message by mentioning that the page is discontinued and you can also add links to the relevant products on the page description.
  • Another thing you can do is implement a 301 redirect to the relevant new page. You can even add a blog article about old products to the most relevant page.

Wrap Up

No doubt, user experience is a very essential aspect of today’s E-Commerce stores. Above, we have discussed how SEO activities play a very important role in building your eCommerce website’s presence. The strategy for doing SEO of an e-commerce website is a very important aspect that one needs to follow to build their online visibility, rank higher, and gain customer trust.

Casa Informatix is one of the best online marketing companies that offer multiple services. We hope that all of the strategies above are something that you are looking for on your website. So, if you want to put all those SEO activities for eCommerce websites, you can contact us. We have applied all the SEO strategies to our past client’s websites and got excellent feedback from them.